Your Radiation Oncology Team

Your Radiation Oncology Team

Radiation Oncologist

The physician that specializes in radiation therapy and prescribes your radiation treatments and monitors your health throughout your treatments.

Oncology Nurse

The nurse who will assist the physician assess and monitor your health throughout your treatment.

Radiation Therapists

The team who will prepare you for your treatment and deliver your treatments to you each day.

Medical Physicist

The physicist who is responsible for making sure the treatment machines are calibrated correctly and working properly. The physicist also has a role in the treatment planning process for each patient.

Medical Dosimetrists

The team that works closely with the radiation oncologist to develop your radiation treatment plan based upon your specific diagnosis.

Patient Services Coordinator

Team member that will meet you when you come in, help you with paperwork, scheduling appointments, and assist you as needed.


The dietician will work with you to develop a healthy diet or to help with nutritional issues you may have throughout your treatment.